Some chicks are darker than others

Pumpkin the rooster

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Jan 26, 2018
My hen had just had chicks about 3 days ago. Not very sure what breed my hen is (she looks like a Plymouth Rock) but I do know what breed the roo is. My rooster is a buff Orpington. When I first saw the chicks they seemed all normal yellow(it was dark and night so I probably couldn't see the colors well) but in the morning they came out the nest and some were orange (5 were) and the orher 3 were yellow. One of my hens was laying eggs in the same nest but only one because when I realized she was doing so I blocked the nest off during the day and opened it at night (so she can eat) . The egg the other hen layed didn't hatch. Are these chicks sex-linked? I had red star chicks a long time ago and the darker ones we're hens and brighter roosters, is this the same?


Mar 31, 2017
I’m not an expert but I don’t think your mama hen is a barred Plymouth Rock. I may be wrong though:) still very pretty! And cute chickies!

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