some clarifications for my first incubation of African goose and Indian Runner eggs (first incubatio

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    I'm feeling very clear about the whole process, and have been doing lots of reading on incubating ducks and geese over the last 2 months, but there are still a few things that i would like to clarify. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    and please forgive me if this info is somewhere else and i havent seen it. Anything i ask will be asked because the answers i found were unclear to me. its my first time and i have a mixture of confidence and total self doubt simultaneously - im sure many of you can relate.

    before anything, ill mention that i have 2 incuview incubators. one for 5 african goose eggs/ and one for 4 indian runner duck eggs -
    2 of the goose eggs will be three days old, and 3 will be five days old. indian runner eggs will all be 3 days old.

    Eggs at different stages -
    i havent found any clear answers to how one should deal with incubating eggs at different stages - for me, its a small difference (3 days and 5 days old, as i mentioned above) but when the lockdown period arrives, how should i approach it? should i go with the older egg's age or the younger ones when calculating which day to go into lockdown? or should i just go with the median?

    dry incubation and misting -
    i am not using the dry incubation method - i read the very extensive Guide to incubating goose eggs found on this site, and it has answered many questions, but as it was using the dry hatch method, i wasnt sure about a few of the points. specifically, should you abstain from misting daily if you are adding water to the incubator vs doing a dry hatch? or is it something you can do in both cases?

    turning -
    i've read that you should turn your goose eggs 180 degrees four times a day. so should i just do that and turn off my automatic egg turner? or turn them by hand and automatically?

    Humidity and temp -
    i have read many different things for the humidity for indian runners- some sources said 55% and some said up to 88%.
    does anyone have a clearer estimate for humidity?

    as for my african geese i was going to do - temp 99.5/ humidity 50-55%

    again, im sorry if i am posting questions that have been asked and answered ad nauseum, but any clarifications that you could offer this first timer would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you.

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