Some cute pics as they grow.

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    I think they are about three weeks old...maybe four. They started getting feathers almost as soon as we got them, so I am hedging toward four, as we have had them three weeks now.

    Here are some new pics of the girls.

    Nathaniel with his girl Cynthiona.

    Georgia at the camera, Jill, and Maggie looking on.

    The Buffs are super friendly. When you open the crate they will jump out on your lap. The Ameraucaunas are more skittish, but are becoming less hand shy with some hand feeding. From what I read, that is their nature-friendly and skittish.

    We love them.

    Our goslings arrive the 27th. They move into the bin in the tub, and in another week into this crate as the chicks move to their Chickmansion. The guineas arrive in early May and move into this crate. My husband has since moved to the guestroom (ha). The chirping keeps him awake. BUT he is building the most beautiful coop...I might move in there (hee hee).
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    Too sweet! Thank you for sharing....

    Your hubby and mine would get along famously! Told him i wanted six chickens. I now have three dozen. Two coops later and my DH has figured out that chicken math applies to spouses as well... LOL!

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