Some eggs hatched others n't for a Broody hen, I need advise

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    Hello Everyone, in January I had a hen go Broody right when it was the coldest, she has a past for going broody and raising chicks she seems to like being a mother and does a great job. She just finished and has 4 chicks but 4 eggs never hatched. I opened them up and found they where at different stages of development and was wondering why did that happen.

    I placed her in the basement where it is warm to lay on the eggs, she had plenty of food and water and had all eight eggs under her but only 4 hatched.

    Is there something I am doing wrong that causes some eggs to stop developing while she sits on them?

    Thanks for the info

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    A hen provides the best conditions for hatching.
    Eggs under a hen that don't develop can have many reasons.
    Breeder nutrition, breeder age (too young/old), breeder disease.
    Time of year (roosters need to be photostimulated as well as hens)
    Egg storage conditions.
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