Some funky chicks!

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  1. I have three lemon blue cochin x golden laced cochin chicks. The rooster is the LB, the hen are the GL. They are a base color of a bright buff with some blue-black patterns coming in....I'm wondering if this will be a new sort of color?
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    Okay who has the picture that says ::::

    This THREAD is USELESS without PICTURES???!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOL I know. I've had a heck of a time with pictures lately because I have no internet access at home we cannot upload/download on our computers at work.
  4. Okay, there are some pics...

    Lemon Blue x Golden Laced. I'm tempted to keep a pair to see how they feather out, but hubby said no...they are for sale.
    The black one in the back is a black orp x lemon blue cochin cross
  5. I'm aiming towards a blue laced red cochin. [​IMG]

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