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  1. Bec

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    OK...So here is my question..I have a coop that holds my 7 hens perfectly and comfortably and I would be able to fit one more in there too Which is reserved for my little rooster!! Now the thing is....for roosting at night I could fit 2 more, but floor space is smaller because of the nest boxes, so as far as in the coop space for scratching around and stuff, they would not be able to be all locked in togetehr during the day- at night fine because of the roosts. I am trying to find a way to have one more girl and the roo, that way he will be in the brooder with company, I would really rather not raise him by himself alone.
    now here is the situation...
    #1 they are never locked in,only at night. the only time they would all be in together is at night for sleeping. They free range in my back yard all day.
    #2 We are planning on building a 3 1/2 sided mini run-in shed for them in their pen. That was during the day they can go in either their coop or the run-in for shelter...their pen is 16 x 10 so even if they are out in just their pen, they have a lot of room. Witht he run-in they will be able to go in and be out of the rain, wind, snow, sun..whatever. Right now, they go under my husbands hay trailer if it rains or whatever, so wouldn't a run-in work jsut the same?

    What i ave observed it that they only go in the coop when they lay an egg or roost..

    Opinios Please!!
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    How big actually *is* your coop? Hard to say much without knowing.

    You mention floorspace being taken up by nest boxes, tho. a) how many do you have (you might be able to get away with just 2, certainly no more than 3) so if you have more than that you could remove one. Also, what about making them into EXTERIOR nest boxes -- remove them, cut holes in wall, and rebuild them on the outside of the coop. This is not uncommon, and it saves you floorspace. Or could you raise them up 2' off the floor so the chickens can walk underneath them.

  3. Bec

    Bec THE Delaware Blue Hen

    Here is a pic of their set up. It is about 5 ft from left to right, 4 1/2 deep and little over 6 ft tall. I only have 2 nest boxes and they are on the floor built side by side.

  4. What style of roost are you using? Is there room for another rung or for a tiny platform in the coop? Pat makes an excellent suggestion about the next boxes, and you might be able to have three with the new hen.[​IMG]
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  5. Bec

    Bec THE Delaware Blue Hen

    I just have 2 rounded posts cut in the side they sit on is kinda rounded and the other is flat. One runs from the front to back and the other left to right...

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