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    Mar 25, 2007
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    Here are 3 of the 14 chicks we have. They are 3 weeks old.

    This is Aria, she is my favorite of all of them. She is very friendly and will eat out of my hand, she usually will coming running to the front of the brooder when she hears me. I just love her!!! Is she a Golden Sex Link or a Buff Orpington? I have both and I am not sure which ones are which.


    This is another pic of Aria


    Here is a pic of one of others. Is she Golden Sex Link or Buff Orp??


    This little one was supposed to be a Dominique, but when I was out with them the other day, I realized it has a single comb, not a rose comb. So now my question is what is it?? A Cuckoo Maran or Barred Rock?? Also, is there anyway to tell yet if it is a roo or a pullet??


    Thanks for all your help.
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    hmmm...I would have to say that Aria is a Golden sex link, the next one is a Buff Orphington, and the last one is a Barred rock. Barred rocks have yellow legs, where Cuckoo Marans have white/grey legs.

    too early to tell the sex, just yet. But so far they look like pullets.
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