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    Saw the posts about reptiles, thought I share some photos that were taken at my last reptile show at Sweet Beginnings in Kansas City (which if you are in the northland area of KC, we have some new camps/workshops/events that will be hosted there this year).


    Bearded Dragon


    Sulcata Tortoise (Tiffany) & American Toad (Bufo) - the lone amphibian of the day!!


    Scar the Ball Python - a rescue, one of four that came to us that had been in a horrible situation. A very easy species to care for, IF YOU DO RESEARCH FIRST!!!! Believe or not, some captive snakes will not kill their food and he and his cage mates were the victims of someone wanting something "cool" to show their friends. The "food" turned on the snakes. Sadly, only two remain a year later, but doing much better and finally putting weight on.


    Scar greets the kids. His name comes from the many scars he has from being attacked by mice.
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    Great Photos [​IMG]. I love that tortoise! [​IMG]

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