Some Outrageous CEO Perks

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    Gee, and I thought a perk was when I got more eggs than expected in my coop on any given day.......[​IMG]
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    Me too.. [​IMG]
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    It's amazing that some of those CEOs aren't ashamed.

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    Apr 4, 2010
    Must be nice!
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    Jul 26, 2010
    I think most CEO's get paid a lot less than that. Most companies are in the range of a couple hundred to a couple thousand employees. Those in the news story are the extreme top of the business world....most people do a whole lot of work for a whole lot less money.

    And to be honest I think if they can negotiate for a high selary and get it, up to a point (within legal contracts) that's their business. There has always been a group of people who get paid a whole lot. If I could be one of them, I would not mind.

    But like most people, I'm not willing to give up all what I have to give up to do it. And the stress of those jobs is horrible. People always think they don't have any boss over them - no they have dozens instead of one.

    What do they get for it?

    A lot of it is in stock options. I've had some of those. I was given some at 40 dollars a share, instead of a bonus. When that option finally came up, guess what! The stocks were worth 14 dollars a share. So there is a lot up to chance as to whether you will get what you are promised or not.

    They deal with the most serious problems in the company, they make the decisions everyone else is afraid to make, they are the referee, the tie breaker, and they have to deal with a lot of very stressful issues bubbled up by a lot of very strong and aggressive personalities. Big money, big threats, big other people who put pressure on you. Death threats are not exactly unusual. You are dealing with a lot of extremely aggressive and very motivated people. You can forget the usual rules of etiquette and politeness. Think your relatives are difficult? Try these guys.

    You are literally, on call 24/7, 365 days a year. Call you at 2 am? No one will seem to have much problem doing that. Holiday? What's that? Vacation? Maybe in your next life. If you do get to take a vacation, you will find that there is no way you can actually have some privacy from work during that time.

    Give up your family life, your physical health(ulcers, heart attacks, excess weight, etc), your leisure time, your hobbies, your home too, in many cases, because you will be moving a lot. If the company loses money, the poop lands in your lap, it's your fault. And you do actually have a boss, no matter how big the company is you work for - you have the other officers of the company, the owner(s) of the company or the partners, the legal department, the board of directors, major stockholders, your competitors, the government, and a whole lot of others determining what you do and how as well as watching very carefully every detail of what you do. You have a legal contract that requires a top corporate lawyer to decipher, and if you run into problems, you might never be able to get another job like that again. You can get into huge legal trouble, even face criminal charges for things you didn't even know were going on (or thought, or was told were ok).

    You MIGHT have a 'golden parachute' - money you get if you happen to irk someone so they get rid of you, and that money might come in for 12-18 months. But it will take much longer than that for you to get another job like that, anyway.

    Envy? Not much from me. Anger? Again, having been in that world, knowing what they give up for those's a heck of hard a way to make money. But there really is no easy way.
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    I'm crying Wellsummer. For the money that some CEO's make they should have to be GOD or at the very least Santa Claus. I know not all CEO's make that kind of money. There's a lot of small business owners that have to make just as hard of decisions and will lose everything if they make the wrong decisions. These CEO's have mostly themselves to blame if their stock drops from 40 to 14 while they are running the show.

    I don't blame the CEO's for making that much money. I know it's the board that sets their salary and the amount of their parachute.

    Then again I don't like big corporations in general. They are not human and don't care about humans. They are money making machines as required by law. No I wouldn't want to be a CEO even if I had the skill to do it. I still have 0 pity for them.
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    Quote:I was never a CEO, but an Executive for a good 8 + years... All that you say about it being hard work are true... You have no other life...........PERIOD. You essentially work 24x7 365 days a year. It consumes you nothing you do is not work related. $300 a plate dinners, the best hotels in the most exotic destinations is all just work. You do not even think about the places, restaurants and locations, you only see the business meetings that go from the second you wake to when and if you get to fall asleep. With that said American executives seem to be the ones that really take advantage of those "perks"

    I to have zero envy for those in that world.. Anger? Not at the CEO but at a society that places such things in such high esteem. Same with the multi million dollar athlete. It is not the athlete, but the society that creates them.

    Having worked for a Finnish company, I learned differences between CEO's there and here in the US... We are very much more greedy. All this taking is what is destroying our morals, our economy and quite possibly our country.

    So yes I too have "problems" with big business in America.

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    Quote:I was never a CEO, but an Executive for a good 8 + years... All that you say about it being hard work are true... You have no other life...........PERIOD. You essentially work 24x7 365 days a year.

    What about us poor minimum wage people working similar hours, and NOT getting $300/plate meals? Sure I have a "schedule" at work, but I never get off when it says. Some days I feel like they expect me to eat sleep and breathe the business. Frozen chicken and sloppy joes for the CEO?? And I don't even get a lunch break to eat it on. Life??? hahahaha I barely find time to wash dishes and do laundry, because ya know, I still eat and live at home instead of at some fancy smancy hotel. Suuuuuuuuuuure CEOs consider it "work" to stay and eat at fancy places, sure, if you say so.

    Biggest perk at my job? My boss bought us lunch the other day!!! ~$4 hamburgers from a BBQ place instead of fast food chain crap. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice It was great and I appreciate it! [​IMG] but I probably won't end up on anybody's blog [​IMG]
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    LOL at feeling "bad" for CEO's...
    What a hoot! [​IMG]

    Do i feel anger at them... nah... Hey..if the position is avaible..why not take it if you can?
    I dont blame them one bit.
    I DO blame them when they KNOW they are screwing folks over though...
    I also feel anger at them when they dont care about the little guy..
    And most of them really dont care.
    Trust me.. i've been the victim of many CEO/business "take overs" in jobs... nursing homes and even big chain restaurants... EVEN foster care companies.
    Yep... the little guy always gets shafted. Trust me, i know first hand.
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