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    I've worked on and off at a parrot sanctuary for about six years now. I've been working there over christmas break from college and yesterday I brought my camera to take some pictures. SHe probably has about 50 birds or so and they are all gorgeous. I only got pictures of a few of the more cooperative ones yesterday.

    This is my favorite. he is so sweet. HIs name is Big Bird.

    This is Cocoa, a blue and gold macaw

    This is Pico. He looks the same as Cocoa and they came from the same owner.

    Not a bird, but this is one of the cats that lives in the lady's house. Her name is Trouble, and she is definitely trouble!

    This is an Umbrella 'too who was startled by the flash!

    This is Willow, a female eclectus.

    This is one of the male eclectuses.

    This is Jazz, the green wing macaw.
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    I LOVE Eclectics! I thought about getting one but reality set in and we got a Parrotlet. We didn't want a loud parrot (Oh, Kiwi can talk a lot though!) and size was an issue. Eclectus are so beautiful with those feathers that look like fur...

    Our parrotlet has been with us over 11 years and he is a spunky little fellow--we just adore him [​IMG]
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    I just love cockatoos, I hope to have one someday. All of them are so beautiful though!
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    Beautiful birds!

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