Some people just suck.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bleenie, Sep 8, 2012.

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    Apparently I am not meant to be duck-less. My sister wanted to go to the auction today and I ended up pity-bidding on a pair of muscovy babies because they were so pathetic-looking. Well then later on some younger ones came up for super cheap so my sister bought them too! (of course they're all going home with me though, lol)

    The first two were so sad though, They looked like someone had left them in a filthy, crap-covered area and didn't hardly feed them. They are almost feathered in and they're bodies are the size of the 3-4wk old babies my sister bought, it's almost unreal how small they are.

    The two older babies were CRUSTY with poo so we filled the pool and set everyone loose in the coop to get a bath. i've never seen babies so happy! and after everyone was all done they went waddling in a big, long line out of the coop behind one of the young roosters and mingled with the chickens the rest of the day and followed them to bed when it started getting dark.

    It looks like we will be putting up a temporary area for all the babies to live in until i figure out what i'm going to do with the younger ones. The two older ones will be sticking around so i can get them healthy and they can grow back their missing feathers.

    It's always so nice having babies running around, but i think my mind will change when the feeder is empty in the morning [​IMG]


    Poor guys head looks HUGE on his body :(

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    Sisters can be so mean [​IMG]But they are soo cute. Glad you took them under your wing even, if it wasn't your plan, she knew they needed you. [​IMG]Get your sis to help with the feed bill.
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    With your care those duckies will soon be looking wonderful. They really do look in terrible condition- you are right...some people really suck- how they can allow animal to live in that condition is just terrible.
  4. Miss Lydia

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    Good for you Bleenie, they are precious. [​IMG] looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks after some TLC.

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    Some people can be really cruel I mean here are a few pics of my 3-4 month old muscovies and while they are a bit older you can see a big difference in size.
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    That is just awful! Although, what drives me a bit crazy with 'scovies is this general thought they don't need water? um, no they are not as water happy as some others breeds but they sure as heck need some to bathe in. [​IMG] A real common misconception, clearly these birds lacked that among others things though. So kind of you take them on... even if nudged in the direction lol
  7. Bleenie

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    Thankfully the little ones were in good shape, just cramped into tiny boxes and hot. We swapped all the little guys into a huge box before we left the auction though. I thought the bigger ones would look a little better after a good bath but no such luck... They did take a bath but they're bellies are so disgusting that they have GOBS of poo/mud/nastiness hanging from the feathers. I tried to hold one in the pool and wash it off but the crap is like superglued so I am going to have to cut some feathers today. Kind of sucks I am having to take more feathers off of them but I know they'll feel better when they don't have that weight pulling on their tummies. At least they have a hoard of down-covered babies to cuddle with at night though :) .

    I think I am going to have to get a shorter pool for them, they seem unsure about getting into the one that's in there, it's an old playskool stump-shaped sandbox i think.

    We're gonna run into town here pretty quick to grab some food for them and gotta get a couple things for the little goat we ended up bringing home...that also has some problems.

  8. Miss Lydia

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    And a goat too [​IMG] this is why I don't go to swaps or auctions. Too sad.
  9. Imp

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    You are so kind, Bleenie.



  10. Amiga

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    Kind and courageous!

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