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9 Years
Feb 1, 2010
I mis-planned and ended up with too many chicks at one time (had a full bator hatch a week before my shipment from McM). So, I've decided to sell some of the chicks so that I'm not completely overwhelmed. Anyway, last night I was contacted by someone who wanted to know what I have left (almost everything) and how much, blah, blah, blah - and she decided that she wanted the RIRs and BCs. So, my next response - do you have a brooder (this is me being overprotective)? Her response - no, when can they go outside with my other chickens?
They are 1 week old, it is still in the 30s here at night (and only the 40s during the day)... I gave her my "fully feathered AND above 40 degrees at night" response, and she said "great! I'll come get them then!"

I suggested that she take my 8wk RIRs and I would let her know if the BCs were still available when they are ready to go outside


10 Years
Apr 12, 2009
West Virginia
Don't sell them to her.

When they die, which they will, because as someone else said, she is clueless, it will be YOUR fault for selling her defective chicks! See, if there wasn't something wrong with those chicks they wouldn't have died!

Why do people buy animals that they know nothing about!

I am giggling though, about you getting too many--oh how could that happen--you are fairly near me (West Virginia) and I can't BELIEVE this crummy weather. I have all these chicks in a box next to me. They are flying out and pooping around. I keep yelling at them GET BACK IN YOUR BOX! Then they all laugh at me and do it again.

I really thought that by now it WOULD be warm enough to take them out to the coop with a heat lamp to get under if they needed it!

So, yes, I have too many also. I am just going to ride it out I guess. Spring will come eventually.

I should have believed the Ground Hog. He said it would be a late spring. Guess he was right.


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