Some random Pics of my family :) IMG INTENSIVE!


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Jan 8, 2008
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First, is a pic of the machine my husband went down to Arkansas for- a 90 series tree spade. David (DH) has worked for his boss for over 14 years now, started with him in high school! His boss is a really cool guy, and I'm happy for him, that he gets to enjoy such a nice machine...wish I could drive it

My husband is in the green sweatshirt, and his boss is on his left. The truck is not my DH's, but the only drivers will be him, and Gerry. The guy next to Gerry is the owner of Big John, and the other guy, I believe is the shop manager.

Picture of the actual "Spade"

Next is me, helping my middle son Austin feed our first bottle calf of 2008, Flower.

This one has Isaiah and Austin-Isaiah is the one on the far right, in the homemade hat. These are our old church pastor's piglets. My FIL was "sow sitting" while they were gone, and she had...13 piglets I believe.

This is my youngest son, Gabriel. He was born 7 1/2 weeks early due to complications, and has been diagnosed with dystonic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He is watching Sesame Street here, and really getting "into" it


Here is a shot of some of the yard-our barn in the background, and my father in law's shed to the right. My chicken coops are in front of the barn, further back then they look though.

And just a greenery shot, to make me feel better

Baling hay, late summer of 2007
have some really cute kids. as for the spade i have some trees i want removed. all they do is shade my garden.
You have a beautiful family. That is one big truck! I'm gonna show it to my boys tommorow. I am also the proud Mom to a special kid. I have my Bethany Grace. We almost lost her at birth. She is our little love bug. You've never met a more lovable kid, except maybe your own

I'll post pics of her soon I hope. Vista hates my digi camera.
Thanks Salamandar
Give him a call, I'm sure he could work something out
Though he might have to figure in fuel prices..depending on where you are at...

Stevie, they are pretty cool, fun to watch as they work the levers, getting the spades into the ground..they have to go down a little at a time, and they all "take turns" lol! I'm such a tomboy, and get all excited over tow trucks, big combines and tractors, heavy equipment (I would kill to operate a big excavator
) so I would love to drive it...only thing is I don't have a CDL. DH had to finally get one, after this truck came into the plan.

Gerry also has a smaller tree spade on a trailer-pulled behind a one ton truck. The other big truck mounted one he has is a 40...or 45 something. Smaller then this new one.
Thank you GwenFarms
Your post made me smile
they sure can touch your heart in a special way can't they? I'm sure she is beautiful, I would love to see pics
We almost lost Gabe too. He wasn't breathing, and after the doctor had resuscitated him, they estimated he was w/out O2 for about 5 minutes. I still think about the what ifs-what if the doctor had stopped at 4 minutes...and then of course, afterwards they told us his organs would probably start shutting down, and we shouldn't be too optimistic
He sure proved them wrong
Anyway, I can start jabbering when it comes to Gabe, lol!

Stevie, I'm jealous too, lol! I don't get to drive it, but at least I can brag about it for him

Chickerdoodle, I don't know if I can explain it well, but I'll try, lol! The spade will move "out" and straighten up, and then it "opens" wide enough to go around a tree. They back the truck up after opening it, center it as well as they can, and then they pull these levers that will dig the spades-each spade is seperate, down into the ground. When they get all the way down, it will pull up the tree, root ball (or plug, they call it) and all. This particular one is for such big trees (with big roots of course) that it has a water tank, that sprays water down into the ground, to help soften it up. I still wonder about the bigger trees they can be done, but the bigger the tree, the more roots you will end up cutting
There are several of the big spades running around up here though. As long as you move in the right temps, the trees can adjust well. Tree moving season is coming up soon-Spring, and then they stop for the summer, and will move again in the fall. If it's too hot out, it will stress the trees.
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