Someone asked if Guineas will chase off cats

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by robin416, Jan 2, 2011.

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    Feb 6, 2007
    Here is what happened here:

    On Saturday the young birds saw a pair of Canada Geese standing at the side of the small pond. Not allowed, they all joined together with the mature birds following to try to drive them away. Instead the Geese just waddled in to the pond and began to swim away. We watched the Guineas form a line around the pond and walk the edge stalking the Geese.

    This morning a doe with her two fawn caught my husband's attention. He could tell by the doe's attitude that she was not happy. As he watched who should show up but the Guineas. She knew what/who they were and wasn't so intimidated. She'd put her head down to graze but when the birds approached her babies and they went flitting off that fired Momma up. Which then had the Guineas trying to make her move. They harassed her and her fawn in to our side field where they jumped the fences on each side of our driveway to enter the front field. Fooled the Guineas, they thought the deer had left.

    If they will take on something as formidable as a pair of Geese and something as large as three deer then something that is as small as a cat is no challenge.
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    [​IMG] Our cats and guineas sorta mutually ignore each other.
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    mine chased the neighbor's cats out of our yard. funniest thing i ever saw. they seem to know the neighbor's dogs and ran at them but never at our dogs. go figure.
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    Quote:That's because your Guineas recognized your Guineas as being part of their landscape. Let some other cat wander in to your yard and just sit back and be entertained.

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