Someone help! I think my chicken is dying!


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
On Sunday, my mom's RIR finished up it's antibiotic and anti inflamatory for bumblefoot. Now, the poor thing is hidding under the coop and sleeping. I assumed she had a stomachache from the antibiotic, like one of my other chickens had before, but then my mom noticed something on her beak. It looked like something dripped from her nose and onto her beak and them dried. Her left eye has something on it and is swollen, and her comb is slightly discolored and had a white spot on it. What could be causing this and is it too late to treat her? How can we treat her? Someone please help!
I'm not sure if I need to post pics but if anyone wants to see the thing on her eyelid, or the white spot on her comb, I can try to get a pic.
A photo would help. Isolate her immediately. Give electrolytes and vitamins. Sounds like possibly a respiratory issue, so she may need more antibiotics. Sorry she is ill.
I'd also give her a probiotic. The antibiotics would have killed off the good bacteria in her gut and believe it or not...a strong gut is one of the most important parts of the immune system. I don't like giving dairy products to chickens and there really isn't as much probiotic in yogurt as people would like to're not going to get a chicken to eat a 1/2 cup of yogurt. I would suggest getting Probios at the feed store. Pronto!
Good luck!



That black dot near her eye on her lid is the thing I'm talking about

Sorry I can't get better pics. I tried but my camera hates me.
I let her out in the yard with the other chickens and she will walk around and eat some grass, then close her eyes and her head will droop close to the ground. Then she'll wake up and go eat more grass, and repeat. What could be the problem and how do I fix it!!!
Hi CinnamonQueen12. Believe it or not, I had the same thing happen with my 1 year old RIR last year. Took her to a vet for bumblefoot - she prescribed antibiotics and an antiinflammatory. After several days on these meds, she had lost an incredible amount of weight, and felt like all skin and bones when I picked her up. She laid around with fluffed-up feathers all day, and when let out to free-range, she walked around for short periods with long rests in-between. Sounds similar to yours. She was so skinny and weak she could barely stand at times. I suspect the antiinflammatory pills were to much for her. She did not have the additional symptoms yours does. To put some weight on her, I cooked her frequent meals of scrambled eggs, and oatmeal with yogurt added. I also made a mash of flock raiser and water (more protein than layer pellets and no calcium since she had stopped laying) and added yogurt to this. I know I almost lost her, but with frequent higher-protein meals, yogurt, and vitamins she pulled through. I don't know what to tell you for chicken's white spots - sorry. Good luck to you - I'll be watching to see how she is doing.
Thank you all for your help; I will take your advice ASAP. She seems like she only has hours left, and her nose is running, and she's starting to gurgle, which I'm pretty sure means that her lungs are filling up with fluid. I hope she doesn't die, I love her soooo much!
Her comb is getting more and more swollen and the white spot on it seems to be getting larger. Also, her eye is getting more swollen, too. Is it possible that this is bumblefoot in it's worst stage, and that it is in her system? If not, can anyone please tell me what it could be and what I can do? She is just getting worse and worse.....
I wish I had some answers for you! So sorry. I just lost a little rooster I really had high hopes for (was going to show him.)

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