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    There has been an illness going through my tank which has killed quite a few of my fish already, one by one they are going. I have done many water changes and recently have been treating it with fungal medications yet I do not know if its cloud eye or another disease that I need to treat with antibiotics. The fish have been growing white patches over random parts of their bodies. FIrst it was my millennial rainbow with white blotted areas over his body so I quarantined him and he shortly died within 24 hrs. Next were my three Madagascar rainbows which had the infected areas on their mouths and lastly my boesemani's are becoming infected the female has passed yet the male has it on his eye! Most of the fish have died within 24-48 hrs of showing symptoms. I started treating the tank with api fungus cure and api's pimafix, I am wondering if I have to continue treating it or stop and get antibiotics. I have an 85 gallon tank with about 20-25 other fish in it and want to make sure they stay healthy and safe! Someone please help!! P.S. Sorry they aren't the best quality as I used my phone to take the pictures.



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    Do you have enough air in the water and have you tested your water as it looks like you have really nice aquarium ..... Have you tested the water levels and when was the last time the water was filtered really well .......
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    I believe the white patches is Ick (Ichthyophthirius multifilis) (sp) It is highly contagious and difficult to treat. I have lost entire tank fulls of fish due to this parasite. There are chemical treatments you can buy on line to help stop Ick, but it needs to be used early on. Salt in the water can kill the parasite as well. The fish are dipped in a .3% solution for 30 seconds or a minute. I haven't kept fish in a very long time, so I am not all that up on the medications. But white spots on the fishes bodies and deaths tells me you have the Ick parasite in your tank.

    Good luck with your fish!

    Oh and welcome to BYC!

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