Someone is crowing in the HEN HOUSE!!!!

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May 21, 2009
Are either of these a roo?? I've heard crowing the last few mornings, but I thought I only had girls!! They are almost 5 months old and no eggs yet (or from the others who are the same age and look more pullet-ish then these two).
Please tell me I have a talented girl who can crow!


Crap, I guess I've been in denial. I bought 6 "female" chicks from a lady who said she could sex them. This is the 3rd one she got wrong!!!
Your gold laced is a rooster.. Like sonew123 by the tail but all so the red in the bow of his wing, the sickles feathers and the hackle feathers..
I might be wrong but the cochin could be a rooster also ..

How long has the cochin had the big wattles & red comb? It could be a female just about to lay- but Ihave some the same age and they've still got pinkish combs.

Where are you at? I'd trade you a splash hen for him (if it's a him)

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