Someone opened my incubator on day 21!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by gbartha, Apr 25, 2016.

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    Apr 21, 2016
    I am on day 21 and none of my eggs have pipped. I did have temperature issue earlier last week which said it was in the 40's (Celcius) but it felt noware near that hot. One egg last week wednesday was shaking and then stopped. Today it is shaking again but its the only one. I work at a college so once I go home for the night, I dont get to see any action till I come in the next day. This is my first ever hatch.

    For the problem at hand. I was showing a coworker the eggs and asked him if he could see one moving. He said no and then grabbed the lid and opened it. I screamed NO NO NO and forced the lid back down. It was open for 10 seconds max. He gave me a mean look and was like, "They are just eggs". Little egg is still shaking but I am afraid of shrink wrap. It doesn't have a humidity reader on the machine *Mini advanced Brinsea*. Thoughts?!

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    Try not to worry, the quick opening of the incubator should not have done any harm. 21 days is just a guide for hatching, some are earlier and some are later. Rocking is a good sign it means they are getting ready to hatch. They don't do it all the time so you may just have missed the others moving. I'm sure your humidity is fine if you have both halves of the little pot full of water. Brinsea are good at holding humidity.

    Good luck with your hatch :fl
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    I open my incubator throughout my whole hatch- and that's with pips and zips. You don't even have any pips, so it's no different than opening the bator on days 1-18. The "scare" presented of opening the bator is due to cool air rushing over pips and drying out the membrane. Even then, it holds a scant chance of jeopardizing them if you have sufficient humidity to begin with. You're more likely to get chicks glued by the membrane around the pip drying to the chick.

    If the temps were slightly off to the low side, you may see a slight delay in hatch. 21 days is a guidline and is highly affected by average temps.

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