Someone please help me!!! Marek's Vaccine question!!

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  1. GertiesMommy

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    Mar 29, 2015
    I have a 7-9 week old Rhode Island Red who I got when he was only 3-4 weeks old. I had him tested for Marek's disease and it came back negative so I had him vaccinated for it just to be completely safe. So the the other day I had some blood work done and it came back that his white blood cell count is higher than it should be. Could it be the vaccine that's causing that to happen??? He seems to be very healthy and happy though. I am so worried sick and my vet, who is a board certified avian vet, is a little worried too. She's never dealt with something like this before. But please please please help me!!
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  2. Chicken Bff

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    May 20, 2016
    white blood cells are for attacking desieses so the vacine probobly just game him an imune boost but this is just a guess

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