Someone please oil my Guinea hen (PIC ADDED).....


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So this is the first time i've ever heard a guinea or even had one. My friend was downsizing his flock and gave me her for free. Well it's really funny to listen to her, she sounds like a bicycle with a squeaky wheel. I need to name her something funny to do with that. She's a pearl guinea. Sooooo pretty!!!

Does everyone have a squeaky Guinea? LOL. I'm new to this...

anyone have any good names for her?

(OH! I got an egg from her today! Just got her yesterday!!!)

here she is

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ROFL!!!!! Lisa when I read your title, I thought you finally flipped your lid!! My little ones sound like that! I told my husband it sounds like an old dryer we had once upon a time that needed a new belt and it used to squeak all the time.

I know exactly the noise you're talking about. I was going to tell you that you've got a female but since you've gotten an egg, you already know that. LOL

My husband suggested Whirlybird. LOL

Take care my dear friend.

Honestly the only way to sex them, I think, is to listen to them. The males only make one sound that sounds like a "chi chi" sound. The females make the "chi chi" sound but they also make a sound that sounds like "buck wheat buck wheat". You'll know it when you hear it.

Now you have to do'll think I'm nuts. Not that I'm not....but.. LOL

Go to where you have your baby guineas and go "chi chi chi chi" Sounds like "che"

They'll all get silent and stop whatever they're doing! It's hysterical! Its like their alarm call.

I love my guineas. I have more eggs in the 'bator and I'm going to get more. I adore them!

Hahaa! Well my babies are only like 3 weeks, will it still work? They stand still when they see me. Like i'm darth vader. Chhhhh chhhhhhh chhhhh GUINEASSSSS I AMMM YOOUUURRR MMOOTTTHHHEEERRRR ccchhhhhh chhhhh chhhhh

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