Someone should have Warned me! (broody wyandottes)

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    I had NO Idea that Wyandottes were so broody!! We had them in the past and never had one go broody on us but they were also older girls...

    One of my Buff Wyandotte hens began broodin with oen of my Muscovy hens about 2 months after she started laying and just yesterday I realized that ANOTHER one of my Buff Wyandotte girls is broody!! [​IMG] Just absolutely dead set on it evil-looking broody! of course she had to do it in the very top box but i went ahead and picked out some eggs for her anyway and let her have her way. I am really happy with the babyes that hatched last week from my girls & BLRW roo so hopefully i'll get some more little red wyandotte-looking chicks.

    I really wasn't expecting this though and am now feeling dumb for ordering 8 more Buffs(due July 17th!). [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Sep 2, 2010
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    i absolutely love broody hens---[​IMG]---i just love to see natural born little chicks with their moms learning the the ropes and rules of chickendom..[​IMG]....[​IMG]...[​IMG]..[​IMG]...

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