Someone STOLE my photo!!! ANYONE SPEAK FRENCH?

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  2. So I found two different email addresses and sent emails to them both...
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    The polish or other one? never mind, i see its the cochin That's horrible. I postmark even my ugly pictures, stupid we have to ruin cute pictures with words to keep them ours!
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  4. I cant stand people that steal other peoples photos! [​IMG]
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    the other alternative to watermarking is to save it at a very low resolution so if someone takes it, it is pretty worthless to use... learned that the hard way too
  6. Did you send the emails in English only? I'd send them in every language possible, at least French, so no one could say Je ne parle pas anglais... obviously someone does, since the titles under the birds are in English, but the title at the top, Nos Oiseaux Exotiques (Our Exotic Birds) is in French so they might try it... just my paranoid thoughts. *passes salt cellar*

    I love Google Language tools...
  7. Quote:Tell me about it! Not only are they using someone else's birds but they are misrepresenting their own!! [​IMG]
  8. Quote:That's a good idea...I never thought of that...
  9. Quote:Yeah I did...I also sent a FACEBOOK message to my friend from college who is from France (Burgundy) and asked her if she could translate it for me...I'm sure she will...[​IMG]
  10. Excellent. With sneaky boogers it's best to cover all bases.

    And it's nice to see I'm not the only Outside-The-Box (coop?) Thinker around these parts.

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