Someone stole my silkies!!!!!


10 Years
Feb 27, 2009
south georgia
Had someone steal my Buff Silkie hen and rooster this week. My hen was missing on Friday morning and my rooster was missing on Saturday. Have one hen left. I am so upset! Absolutely sure it was not an animal. No digging, no wire torn, no feathers, blood, etc., no way for the chickens to get out. The only way was for someone to open coop latch and get them out.
Will be getting a game cam tommorrow if I can find one, Walmart here only sells during hunting season. I have 14 pens with alot of good chickens that I sell hatching eggs and chicks from. These were a trio that I have been hoping to show this year. Great color, toe spacing, etc. Was hoping they would start back laying soon. My sister and I sat in the dark for a long time last night hoping someone would show up for the last one. But figured who ever it was either would come really late, or since they already had them a pair not come back at all. Don't know why they would only get one at a time, unless they had a problem carrying them or something. I smoothed the ground in front of the coop door so I could see foot prints, but of course it rained most of the night. My other hen was there this morning. Hate using her as bait so to speak, but really want to catch the SOB. Should I report it to the police? Not that I think they will do anything other than laugh. Alot of people think "They are just chickens", but I love all my chickens and these were especially special to us. I also have alot invested in my stock. Will cost me alot to replace them. Sorry to go on, and on. I just hate a thief.
So sorry.

DO file a report, even if they laugh. Create a paper trail. And get some padlocks on those pens, I have to keep mine locked in now. Put up flyers with pics in all the feed stores. You might get a good deal on a game camera on ebay.
I padlock all my pens and cages after I think a teenage girl stole 3 chicks from my back yard. Game cam will help you get evidence of course though, I think amazon and lots of sporting goods type stores sell them year round when WalMart doesn't.
I would report it to the police! i would be willing to bet it was a nosy neighbor. I know one of mine is. Even though i live on 20 acres he still comes in my yard and snoops.
I would also put that camera out. I HATE criminals especially if it involves anything to do with my animals.
A lady stole my favorite show (Splash) Silkie right out of her show cage 2 years ago at the Delmarva Show in DE. I feel your pain and your hatred for the theif. Hope you have better luck getting them back than I dod. The cops just laughed at ME, and told me to stop harrassing HER. The justice system is set up to protect the guilty.
I had something get my only Silkie. There were no feathers or blood either, but I'm sure it was actually a something and not a someone. Since Silkies don't roost up high I believe something climbed the fence and took it at night. All my gates have locks but my run is not covered except by tree limbs.
hope u find who did it and get them back
that sort happen here but with cats because some lady dont like cats so she stole a trap because we have pest and stary cat proplem but she know which was pets but she brought them to a place that kills and give you moneny and she took some of my fav kits
and they were breutityful

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