Someone turned me in to Animal Control


Aug 2, 2021
Fontana, California
Hello there! You have heard about my little foundling chicken, Pepper, who showed up at my house on July 5 as a baby. You've also heard about me stressing tough about his crowing and my 3 backyard neighbors. Well, yesterday Animal Control came because someone reported me because there seems to be a NO ROOSTER law in Fontana , Ca where I live. Now I have 30 days to rehome him.
I cried most of the day.
Someone suggested registering him as an ESA. Will that allow him to stay with us even if he still crows? ?
My granddaughter has handraised him. For almost a year before she was going thru a horrible depression and the 2 chicks, Pepper and Rosie, brought her so much joy and actually got her back on track.


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Someone suggested registering him as an ESA. Will that allow him to stay with us even if he still crows? ?

There's no such thing as registering an ESA. You may find sites online that will send you a certificate or something if you pay them, but that's a scam. There's no registry for ESAs. For an animal to be an ESA, you need to get a note from a doctor or psychiatrist saying that animal helps you in some way, usually for things like anxiety or depression.

As far as if you could keep him if he was an ESA, they are protected by the FHA:

"Although emotional support animals do not have the same access rights as service dogs under ADA, they are protected under the Fair Housing Act (FHA). If you meet the criteria for ESA qualification under the FHA, you are entitled to live with your emotional support animal free of charge and deposits, even if your building doesn’t allow pets. The FHA also prevents housing providers from imposing breed and weight restrictions on your ESA. Many state laws mostly mirror the FHA, which provides additional protection against discrimination for ESA owners. Housing providers are required to provide reasonable accommodations for ESA owners so they can have equal opportunity to use and enjoy their residence."

I don't, however, know if that would help in your situation. This seems more geared toward a renting situation. I don't know if this would circumvent town laws.

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