someone wanted to see chickenmonks coop: IV

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    This is another view from the main door, looking southwest out the non-opening windows. I have 2" foam board insulation in here, covered with spare vinyl siding we had lying around. The girls got rowdy on Saturday night, and on Sunday a.m when I came to let them out, I noticed the far right ceiling panel of insulation lying on the floor. You can see this much more in the second pic of this series (no. III). They started pecking at it and it came loose. Must fix that one.

    Note, insulation is not really necessary in a coop. Loads of people in Alaska do NOT even insulate their coops. Ergo........ Though it is a plus. I may omit it from my upcoming coop and just pin sheets of plywood against N and W sides for winter. That alone will give real inulation and it will not eat up space in the coop, like putting in insulation would.


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