Something funny betweens the roos "toes". ***pics***


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Aug 19, 2009
I was given this rooster by a friend who said that she had two and didn't need one. My Roo Daddy was killed by wild dogs
. When I got home with this rooster I noticed he had something funny on his feet. Can anyone tell me what it is or should I give him back. My girls don't have anything like this.


You see the reddish/pinkish on his feet? Please help!

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Bumblefoot? A possible infection of his foot pad. Do a search for it on here, there is a lot of good information if that is what it is.
Have you looked at the pad of both his feet? If it is bumblefoot you might see the infection site. You can search on here as to how to treat the bumblefoot. You can always put Neosporin on his feet (w/o pain medication) too, but he may need something stronger.

Here's a helpful and informative link re bumblefoot:
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hrmmm, my rooster has pink between his toes also. I looked at it wondering if there was something to be concerned about. Decided that all his movements were normal, no limping and didn't seem to bother him. Chalked it up to the stress of having hens scattered around several acres. He takes his job very seriously which makes him a busy rooster.
Nothing on the pads of his feet and like RevaVirginia was saying his movements are all ok.

Do you think I need to get some antibiotics?

Although I don't think he liked being moved. My BO was all to excited about this new arrival. She was just a singing. I'm gonna buy a tent to put around the run so the kids cant see whats going on back there. LOL
This past spring my roo's toes, then feet, then legs turned bright pink so it looked kind of like sunburn. I posted a query and someone said that was a result of hormones running high. The color did slowly back off until he looked "normal" again.
Is he a BO? Speckledhen just told me this:

Some reddish tinge on the legs, especially the sides and between the toes, is a mark of a mature rooster in some breeds, like BO, Barred Rock, etc.

I don't know if it's the same thing, though.

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