Something killed my chickie


9 Years
May 12, 2010
Central MA
Yesterday one of my SS got killed by something but I don't know by what.
I was outside with them till 3pm and decided to go inside for bit.
When I came out around 4:30pm, one was missing.
And I found out dead... Feathers are ripped off from her body (but not a lot, just under the wing) and she was eaten by something.
But more like "nibbled" I would say. Not a lot were missing.
She was already gone but still warm body (it was 35F out) so it just happened before I come out.

What kind of predators kill like that??
Sorry for your loss

sounds like a bird of pray, you may have scared it off upon your return, had you left it there it would have come back for it.
It sounds like a raptor, probably a hawk. You may want to lock up the rest of your birds until it moves along. It will be waiting for another easy meal.

Sorry for your loss.
The next day she got killed, about same time (3:30-4:00 ish), my daughter saw a falcon came down and landed same spot my chickie was killed.
So I guess it was falcon :(
I think it's falcon. I know red tailed hawk but not looks like that. Smaller and gray/blue ish feathers.
Can't believe that small one killed my love :(
Sorry, Toi-toi. I can sympathize. My favorite hen was killed the day after Christmas by a hawk. I still feel sick about the whole thing.

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