something killing all my chicks


7 Years
Nov 1, 2012
OK I have lost 7 chicks some young and some adults. It happens at night and during the day. Young ones were in a 7 ft fence. Something went over the fence killed 5 chicks, parts and piece had been dragged up the fence and in a nearby tree. 2 adult roos were in a shorter fence, heads gone crop eaten and insides gone except for some pieces once again on the fence. At least rate I will have no chicks by the weekend. I think its a coon. Does anyone have any ideas?
Thank You so much!!!!!!!!
If there is no top wire on your run or pen then take your choice. Coon, possum, skunk, weasel, bobcat, fox, and whatever else crawls around at night. I fight with all of them in WV, even a bear or two. Sorry for your loss, but they do need a secure area especially at night.
yes we see we need top now. just really getting started with ours chicks so looks like over the winter we will revamp the coops and get more chicks this spring. Thank You !!

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