Something ripped off my Pekins Crest!!

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    I had to open my big, fat mouth yesterday about getting the duck run done because 'predator time' is getting closer! [​IMG]

    something, this morning it looks like, got a hold of my poor little pekin hen and ripped the whole back of her crest off...thank god it was big and thats really all "it" got. she also has a small gash in her crest nub/skin. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i cleaned it all off and it just looks like a lot of clotted blood in the gash, she let me clean it a little. i couldnt find my DANG Neosporin to put on it, im getting some later today for her.

    is there anything else i should do?
    I trimmed her crest to minimize germs & bacteria around the open area.

    I dont have a place finished to keep her penned yet, so everyone that was out got scooted into the chicken pen [​IMG]. I am going to check on her every hour or so to make sure she's not getting pecked at...she's pretty bossy though so i dont think it will be a problem.

    I did find some all natural healing ointment stuff. it's called "SPENCO 2nd Skin Quick Heal(tm)" I was thinking of putting some on her since it is all natural (i looked it up), but i am going to wait a while, what do you guys think??

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    Mar 12, 2009
  3. Bleenie

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    ok, thanks, im gonna be picking some up here shortly.
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    I got her all wrapped up with some pulvex on her head, gauze over that and blue self 'sticky' medical tape (the kind they wrap around your arm when they draw blood). I let in on her 1 day & 1 night and took it off to give it air. it REALLY helped dry it up and stop it from bleeding.

    it would bleed everytime she shook her head before but now it's sort of 'sealed', it's down to about 1/2 size and looks great! [​IMG]

    i really thought it was going to be a lot worse than this, i guess i was just freaked out because of all the blood at first. im just glad my girl is okay.

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