Something to Crow About - Fall Show East Tennessee Cocke County

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  1. DD (LaneKim) brought home the papers today from 4H, the show is November 14th. We'll be there for sure!

    Anyone else planning on attending? We should have another meet up!
  2. Ok, more details:

    APA & ABA Sanctioned Show
    Entry Deadline: Monday November 9th
    Entry Fees: $2 per bird, Double Coop $4, and a $1 Clean Up Fee
    Must provide proof of Pullorum/Typhoid Testing or be tested FREE at the fairgrounds.
    Entries must be cooped by 9am on 9/14. You can bring them early on Friday between 1 & 8 pm and as early as 6:30am on Saturday.

    Contact Angie Sutton 865-414-8935

    If anyone wants an entry form, you can use notebook paper, so I'm sure I can scan and provide the entry form for you to download on here.

    Nat'l Call Breeders of America
    OEGB Club of America
    Modern Game Bantam Club of America
    Cochins International
    American Silkie Bantam Club

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