something was around my coop last night


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
newport news va
i had a rake and shovel leaned up against it and they were knocked down this morning.

i am getting a trap, paintball gun and
it's things like that, even though it could be harmless.... i'm also planning to find another inexpensive trail camera for ours I think.... ::knocks on wood:: nothing can get in our coop but we have wild everything where we live..... often wonder if there's anything out there caseing the joint....
i did some further inspections(looked for tracks or paw prints) and found nothing. i think it could have been the hawk i have seen before. not sure how it could knock things down though.
Hawks dont usually hunt at night. Raccoons dont leave tracks unless there is good mud. A paint ball gun will just make them afraid of you. Get a live trap and drown it. I am betting you have a raccoon.
dang i hope not. it was daylight outside for a few hours before i noticed it. the times that i have seen hawks were early morning. and it was jumping around on the roof of the run. that's why i keep thinking hawk. is there something i could set out to see if it is a coon? like something only a coon would eat? i feel pretty secure about the strength of my run. the door, not so much
Just put your trash barrel near the coop! Just kidding! We have raccoons that visit our trash in our driveway and to my knowledge haven't had an interest in my chickens in my back yard. I'm torn to whether I should lock the barrels up or not cuz if they aren't at my trash than they will look for alternative food...the chickens. But then again the barrels will lure them to my property and if they can't get at them than maybe they won't come around.

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