sometimes chickens do the sweetest things

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by the-bird-man, Jul 23, 2011.

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    Oct 24, 2010
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    so i have 10 pullets that are about 6 months old and a week or two ago i added 2 new pullets that are about 11 weeks now. so i have been integrating them and its been going okay. the last two days the little ones have been going to roost on the big girl roost. they have been sleeping by a ee named chipmunk and she had been great with them but does not want to be close and will take a swipe at them. so tonight when i was tucking them in the little ones were making a cry of sorts because of fireworks that were being shot off, so another ee by the name of sweet cheeks got off her spot and ran to them and started to cuddle with them and was being a little mom to them and even hid their heads under her wing. it was so awesome to see [​IMG] sweet cheeks has always been a real sweetheart (hence the name sweet cheeks) but this took it to a whole new level of sweetness. it was enough to make me cry. chickens can be so sweet! [​IMG]

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    THAT IS SO CUTE! Glad your enjoying them. They are certainly alot of fun to watch!
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    Wow, I wish my old hen would feel that way about my 9 week old chicks! She wants to move into the new coop with them, but she chases them out, so she has to sleep in the old tractor and they get the new house, and I have to stay with them if both groups are out in the run.
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    [​IMG] that is SOOO cute...what an adorable story...I love to read the interesting things the chickens and roosters do on this forum!

    They say chickens are dumb, sounds to me that are smarter than most of us! thanks for sharing!

  5. the-bird-man

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    it was a great thing to see. sweet cheeks was not excited to see them when i first got the new little girls but that has clearly changed now. sweet cheeks has always been special. she loves to sit and cuddle with me, she begs for me to hold her, she also for some reason likes to sleep with her head tucked under another girl. when i got the older girls when they were 16 weeks the guy i got them from was going to keep sweet cheeks for himself but as we were talking he said he wanted me to have a special girl who was as sweet as can be so he sold me sweet cheeks and i am so happy he did [​IMG] i will be keeping sweet cheeks as long as she lives. people do not get why i love chickens so much but when you see something like this, how could you not love them? [​IMG]
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    Yay! [​IMG]
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    I find that my two EEs like to tuck their heads under something too. When I hold them, they tuck their head under my elbow. My EE Dovie gets the others mad at her because she tries to get underneath them on the roost. Then of course somebody gets knocked off. Evening chicken squabbles, lol.
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    Quote:wow that is funny! sweet cheeks always has others mad at her because she sticks her head under the others. chipmunk the ee does not do it as much but that may be because sweet cheeks often has her head under her. my other ee is one of the baby's sweet cheeks cuddled with and she does the same thing to the other baby who is a welsummer. so maybe it is common for a ee to tuck her head under another chicken? hmmmm
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    Very sweet. Thanks for posting [​IMG]
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