Sometimes I strongly dislike people *rant*

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    Well, not all people. Just this family.
    The mom of this family- I'll call her D- started a homeschool co-op that meets every Friday a couple years ago. But when she went to central America for midwifery training, my mother took over.
    Then D came back, and to avoid any unnessacary complications, my mom retained leadership of the co-op.
    D has it in her head that she should be able to just drop the ball whenever she feels like it, and then come back and call the shots once she's done with whatever she wanted to go do.
    She and her family have just come back from an extended stay in Utah. (Long story, their van broke down.) While she was away we completed one and a half semesters of co-op, with my family and I doing most of the work that goes into getting a semester off the ground.
    This fall my mom found out she was pregnant again and is due in April, right in the middle of our spring semester.
    Co-op leadership was handed off to another family who we are very confident has the right vision for this co-op and can do well with it. This was announced while D was in Utah.

    Our group has a Facebook page, and recently one of our members asked if it would be all right if she sponsored three nursery and preschool-age children she babysits. She had sponsored one before, and so she knew it was allowed, but was checking anyway since with little kids, three is a lot more than two.
    D jumped right in and gave it her stamp of approval. Which means nothing. [​IMG]
    She has also sent an email to the new director saying that the name of the co-op was her idea, and while she will not tell us we have to quit using it, that she is going to be using it in other marketing plans she has for the future. Just as a way to get in one more dig.

    I really don't like this woman. [​IMG] Or her daughter. [​IMG] But that's another story...
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    Well.. She does have right to leadership of the Co-op. If I was dethroned of leadership I would like to be informed of it.
  3. eenie114

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    Quote:She was the one who dethroned herself. She publicly announced that she was stepping down as director.
    Actually, what D did was hand directorship to her friend who moved to Minnesota, who handed it to the woman who is now our treasurer, who handed it to my mom.
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    May 7, 2011
    I'm sorry. That is lame. Kinda of felling the same way about people right now!
  5. Spookwriter

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    Feb 23, 2010
    It's not good to hate.
  6. eenie114

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    Quote:[​IMG] Fine. Sometimes I STRONGLY DISLIKE certain members of the human race. Better?
  7. bluesub

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    Jan 4, 2011
    Is it possible to make a clean break from this woman? I would definitely recommend a name change for the Co-op. I think it would make everyone feel better.
  8. egglicious

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    May 7, 2011
    Quote:[​IMG] Fine. Sometimes I STRONGLY DISLIKE certain members of the human race. Better?

    Hahaha! Made me laugh when I saw your new title. [​IMG]
  9. eenie114

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    Quote:We would change the name, but that would mean having to repreint all of our paperwork (temporary guardianship forms for sponsored kids) and all of our cleaning assignment papers, etc. Reprogramming the nametag forms, too. And on top of all of that, red tape with the insurance company. [​IMG]
  10. justbugged

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    Well it sounds like the group either needs to change the name of the group, or take steps to trademark the name so that D can't use it. Here is a site for trademarking

    for the rest of it, do your best to let it go. It sounds like there are any number of adults that can deal with this person. I know it can be hard, when personalities clash, but rarely is anything gained by allowing people like this to upset you.

    On the other hand sometimes it is wise to strongly dislike some people.

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