Sometimes my chickens crack me up

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    I have a little silkie rooster that is a little more aggressive than I would like, he will charge at you and sometimes want to attack. Its a long story but I normally forgive him this behavior.

    Anyhow we were out feeding the flock, me and sis. Sis went to throw the yukky water out of one of the bowls and it was pretty full. She tossed it and almost all of it happened to land on a hen that was facing away from us but she was standing next to the silkie. She doesnt coop with the silkie and doesnt like him. Well, talk about mad as a wet hen. She decided HE must have caused it somehow and went about beating the tar out of him. I would have separated them but I was bent over laughing so hard I couldnt move. Sis was in the coop wondering why I was hysterical, she came out and I told her "she thinks HE did it to her!" and she started laughing too.

    Well after the hen decided the poor lil guy was thoroughly subdued, she stalked off. Orangey (the roo) knew all the time who had thrown the water as he had been facing us. He wanted VENGEANCE! He charged after me a couple times but I was wearing shorts, so he decided sis was a better candidate anyhow, since she had thrown the water after all. He leaped up at her leg, grabbed her pants with his beak and shook the material like a rat terrier literally hanging off the material at her thigh. I still couldnt do much for laughing. He didnt really hurt as he went after material as opposed to skin, but he could have.

    It was really all too funny tho! Chicken dynamics! [​IMG]
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    Apr 29, 2011

    So so funny! He sounds like a smart little guy - he knew who the culprit was, that's for sure. Unlike the hen! Photo of him, please!
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    All my chickens have such different personalities, but the roosters - especially the bantams! - take the cake, don't they??

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