Somewhat URGENT: EYP causes?

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    So tonight I lost one of my girls to what I think is EYP. I've had at least 5 birds die from that now, so I am very curious and somewhat worried as to anything that may be causing it.

    I can't take my girls to the vet, partly cuz dad won't let me and partly cuz we can't afford it, but having seen it so many times I'm sure that that's what it is.

    The girl that died had either just started laying, or was just about to, so I'm thinking that she may have had an oviduct "malfunction". We had just recently started adding supplemental lighting in the coop as well.

    Does anyone have tips/advice for preventing it? Once they have it I don't want to let them suffer any more with surgery and stuff.
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    So sorry to hear that you have lost so many pullets.

    What makes you think it was EYP especially if birds that have not started laying, have died from similar symptoms?.
    Have you had a professional necropsy done or have you opened any of them up yourself to look inside and if so what did you find?
    How recently did they die? Has it been over a period of several years or all just in one season. Have you considered things like Marek's disease as a possible cause either of death or triggering the EYP. It is an extremely common and easily contracted virus that adolescent chickens are particularly vulnerable to and commencement of egg laying is a stressful time on their bodies which can trigger an outbreak. There are so many and varied symptoms with Marek's that it can look like a multitude of different ailments....not all show the classic paralysis/lameness etc.... some just waste away or develop internal tumours.

    Anyway, just something for you to consider if you haven't already.


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    I'm reading some articles on it now. I tell you what I find.
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    Thanks Jake [​IMG] They all confuse me - to many different thoughts.

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