Sonja in Texas, new to ducks

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    Jul 30, 2014
    There was an egg. Was it fertile? Let's see. Built homemade incubator, monitored temp/humidity, turned 5-7 times a day. Candled at one week and amazed it was indeed fertilized! Candled again about a week later, saw movement (wing?) and fell in love. [​IMG]

    July 29th, our sweet Qwackerjack left his egg and moved into our hearts.

    Never imagined I'd own a duck! But after just 4 short days, I can't imagine NOT having him. Challenge/Mission now is to learn everything I can to be the best duck-keeper I can be. I've popped onto this website & forum a few times and very impressed with the information and community support.

    oh! about me... Hubby and I have 3 bengal kitties, a house bunny, 2 grown sons, 4 grandkids, and now an adorable duckling. Currently living in the 'burbs of Fort Worth, originally from small east Texas town, but call Austin area "home". Texan thru and thru! LOL

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