Sonnerat's Grey Jungle Fowl

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    May 30, 2016
    Warwickshire, England
    My broody Pekin's sitting on five Sonnerat's Grey Jungle fowl eggs and six Silver Sebright bantam eggs...ten days to go before the hatch.

    This is my first time keeping Sonnerat's Grey Jungle fowl.

    As such, advice needed on minimum aviary/pen sizes etc. Some pictures would be nice, too.

    Yes, I've done some homework on keeping, breeding and management; however, I'd like some real world advice from those forum members who've been keeping this breed.



    Can I keep more than one male in the same pen?

    Are the males as monogamous as some would suggest, and if so, are the stories true that the male will kill other females placed in the pen with him and his long term partner?

    Has anyone bred from their first year birds, as internet information suggests they will not breed until their second year?

    Has anyone been successful in integrating their grey jungle fowl with their flock of chickens: just let them run and roost with the flock?

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