"Sonny and Cher" White frizzle/Serama pair

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    Sonny and Cher are a white Serama pair, hatched early this spring. They are still growing but are nearing maturity. Sonny has started to crow, and is currently 10.7 oz. Cher is a bit lighter, but I would need to get out the scale again for an exact weight. I have no white breeding birds, so these were a surprise to me. The recessive genetics in Seramas are always a hoot! I wish I had room to breed this pair myself, but I'm focusing on other colors at this time.

    About my breeding program
    I am a Serama breeder, relatively new to the breed. I have spent considerable money obtaining the best breeding stock I could find from top breeders, and while I cannot claim my birds are show quality, as I have not personally shown them, they are genetically related to some of the best lines of Seramas in the US. Of course no breeder sells his or her best birds, and I am no different. I sell my pet quality birds locally, keep my very best for the breeding of future generations, and offer the second best, or breeder quality birds up for sale. Some of my birds are very good, but are not colors or patterns I am personally interested in breeding so I auction them. Most of my birds are ones I have bred myself, but occasionally I do sell breeding stock that I have obtained from other well-known breeders. I provide as much information as I know about each bird. I breed towards the standard as described by the SCNA.

    About my auctions
    I try to auction a number of birds at one time. Seramas are small, and depending on age 2-4 can fit into one shipping box. This saves on total shipping costs to the recipient. I do not have extra pullets or hens for sale beyond those listed in the auction. I appreciate wanting extra females for breeding, but I sell all that I am willing to part with at the time of each auction. We all know that one rooster can cover multiple hens, so for my own breeding purposes, I hold onto many more pullets than cockerels, as I need more of them to accomplish my breeding goals. I generally only sell cockerels or well-matched pairs. Please do email me if you have specific requests for the future, but at the time of auction, there are no extra females. I can always find an extra cockerel if needed to round out a shipping box. Also email during an auction, or post on the auction thread, if there are specific questions. I try to check in at least once a day, but I am not online all the time.

    The fine print
    All of my auctions are Paypal only, unless other arrangements are made in advance. Payment shall be made at the end of the auction, and if not paid within 24 hours, I reserve to right to offer the bird to someone else or re-list the bird. My Paypal account is [email protected]. The auction price DOES NOT include shipping. The shipping price is an estimate, and includes the cost of a new shipping box. As long as actual shipping fees come out to be close to the estimated amount I do nothing. If it is considerably more, I ask for the difference, and if it is considerably less, I refund the difference. Shipping is not easy on birds, and is a risk. The USPS processes millions of packages a day, and I have never received a dead bird, nor had one die in transit yet, but these things can and do happen. The USPS can be very unreliable. This is not my fault. Next day shipping can turn into 3 day shipping. They do not guarantee on time arrival for live animal shipment. Birds can be exposed to fumes and unexpected weather. I always forward shipping information to the recipient, but I have zero control of your package once it ships, and it is foolish to believe that every package is treated kindly.

    I try to ship on Monday and Tuesday to give time for error on the part of the USPS. I cannot always ship immediately due to weather, my personal schedule, holidays, or lack of appropriate shipping containers. I will always communicate with the buyer about all of these issues so that we all agree on a shipping date.
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    Awww Bailey-their beautiful!!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thanks! If I had more breeding pens, and more tolerant neighbors, I'd be keeping these two for sure!
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    Jul 9, 2009
    I just have to say, that is the cutest picture ever. My daughter (age 6) is in love with those cuties. I told her the bidding would get too high for us to get them, but we enjoyed the picture very much regardless! Thanks for giving us a smile!!
  5. BeardedLadyFarm

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    May 31, 2009
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    I haven't handled this pair a LOT but I was playing with them yesterday, and they're just the calmest little things. Not all of my Seramas will just sit still, but these two will for sure! If only I could keep them ALL.

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