SOO ANGRY!!!!! whats up with kids nowdays??


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Feb 5, 2011
So tonight i took the two dogs my sisters toy poodle kira and my bull terrier cesar. we went walking past the school as we were walking past (ON LEAD) there were 3 teenage boys sitting on the steps with a husky mix on a chain that was obviously aggressive pulling barking and growling well i jsut walked past when i noticed one of the kids reaches down and lets the dog off the chain.
needless to say it came running at us growling hair on its back standing up. i turned to face it in case i had to grab it both my dogs stood there watching kira hide behind me and cesar and cesar ducked waiting for the blow from this dog but just as the dog got to us i used one of cesar millans techniques like i use on my own dog to touch the neck or the rump useing my hand like a dogs mouth. i did this to the huskeys neck kind of hard. all hte while those boys sat back and watched thankfully that dog had a sensative neck becuase as soon as i touched he yelped and yelped ducked his ehad low and slinked away refusing to give me or the dogs eye contact. those kids all had smirks on there faces untill there dog yelped and walked aaway from us then they got off there butts and ran to grab there dog the whole time mouths hanging open.
i was so angry i picked up my dogs leashes and asked them "whos dog is that?" none answerd just gave me frightend looks so i told them "if you dont keep that dog on its leash ill make sure you dont own a dog EVER AGAIN" and walked away
with the look on those kids face when letting there dog go i know what they were intending they were thinking they were going to scare me by sending there big mean dog after mine either to kill my sisters toy poodle or to start a fight with cesar.
i would just LOVE to run into them again see if they try it with me again HA! they were not expecting that! but i protect my dogs from people AND other dogs. this is not the first time ive stopped a dog from attacking my dogs but this is the first tiem a person caused it. i am SO angry that those kids! they couldnt have been more then 16 years old i would NEVER let my kids take care of a dog with aggression tendencies i dont care if they are 16!

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Thank you for giving those children a lesson that obviously no parent bothered to give them.
I'd take it one step further and find a friendly policeman or animal control person to observe them and make the lesson even stronger.
Good job!!!
It's not just kids. My husband and I were out walking our two heelers. One of our heelers is fine with any dogs. Even if they are aggressive, she goes belly up so that no one touches her. Our Australian shep/cattle dog mix was recently adopted and had dog aggression issues (later had to be euthanized as it turned out he had severe everything-aggression due to degenerative epilepsy
). Both of our dogs were heeling on leash. As we walked past a house, a very much adult (middle-age) couple told their husky to "go get them" as we walked past. I stood in between my heeler mix and the husky, and told the husky to "Go HOME. My dog WILL kill you." in a firm voice. The dog slunk away and the couple stopped giggling like school children after that last sentence. Many dogs that are interested in fighting with other dogs won't stand up to people.
I've known plenty of adults who purposefully bought large, aggressive dogs and either used them to intimidate other people...including teens and kids, while proclaiming "with me, the dog knows it's place...just got to be tough", or who would set them after other dogs for fun. It really has nothing to do with age. The husky incident happened in our current neighborhood that is the 'posh' place to live (not by choice, I really hate these kinds of 'communities'), in case the "it has to do with being poor/uneducated" statements start coming in.
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i have to be very careful with cesar becuase he is a bully breed and alot of people automatically assume hes viciuose so even if another dog attacks him first and he is defending himself HE could end up being the one deemed a viscious dog

its sick how people use animals to try and "prove" somthing lke "im bad becuase i can control this dog by beating it" or "look how tough my dog is" ect ect.
its just plain disgusting. people are putting other peoples live in jepordy not to mention the animals well being for what? a status??
i have a feeling those kids were trying to make a fighting dog but it didnt work with me hopefully they knock it off becuase the dog was a young huskey mix and ill tell you what they are lucky i wasnt a person like them who had cesar as a status symbol becuase they could have ended up having a dead dog and if they keep continueing on with that they WILL end up with a dead dog
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I definitely understand the heightened fear/anger because of the bully breed opinions and legislation.

I was indescribably mad that they knowingly and selfishly put both our dogs in danger...not to mention my husband and myself. I'm ticked just reading about your story which could have also ended very badly. Drives me nuts how irresponsible some people can be.
I know what you mean about the bully thing. I've also got a bull terrier and he has some major dog aggression issues. Because of that we are extremely responsible with him while in public places. Unfortunately not everyone else is as responsible with theirs. Usually (and I mean at least once a week) we will have an offleash d'oh run straight up to us On our walk. I scream for the owners to call their dog and they ALWAYS say, " It's okay, he's friendly!"
Well that's perfect for him but my dog isn't and if my ONLEASH dog attacks your OFFLEASH dog because he feels threatened then I have to worry still about my big bad bully being blamed or even put down. People are so stupid when it comes to animals!
When we had our mix, I would respond to "it's okay, they are friendly" with "MY DOG ISN'T!!!" It almost always snapped realization into the casual walker's eyes. Very, very frustrating, especially when taking great pains to avoid those types of situations.
theres a few places i let my dogs off-lead but neither one is allowed to run up to any dog off lead or on i have the most trouble with my sisters toy poodle she adores running straight up to other dogs and people so if i see someone approaching with a dog i lead kira the poodle. while we walk past. for cesar alot of people who have nice dogs ask me if hes nice and if they can pet him and if there dog can play with him i never have any troubles with him and ill tell him to "go play" a few times so he will go up to the other dog.

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