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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by newchickenfam, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. newchickenfam

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    Feb 26, 2015
    Hello! I just registered, and thought that I would introduce myself! We are hoping to become a new chicken family come spring, just a few laying hens for the backyard. We are within the city, so I would like to keep things small and manageable. I am looking for layers, and will likely just keep them around until they are old and grey (haha). Both my husband and I had chickens as children, but this site has been a great resource for brushing up on chicken care!
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    Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

    Buff orpingtons, black australorps, barred rocks, wyandottes, sussex and easter eggers are probably your best chicken options. They are all good with kids, great layers, good in confinement and generally quiet and good in cities.

    Have you checked out our learning center yet? Tons of helpful info there!
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    And [​IMG]
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    Jan 8, 2015
    I would also suggest California Whites. They are leghorn/California gray mixes that lay tons of eggs and are great for small spaces. They can be nervous around strangers, but each have their own personality. I have a hen that challenges my authority if I don't give her her treats first. I also had a hen (Rooster, also my profile pic) who let me carry her like a baby around our local fair and let people learn about chickens and pet her. If they are raised right they are great and don't mind cats, dogs, or nosy children. Just my 2 cents.
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    Glad you joined the BYC flock [​IMG]
  6. N F C

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    Dec 12, 2013
    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    This chart may be helpful to you in comparing traits of various breeds:

    You may also want to check out the chicken breed reviews here on BYC.

    Nice to have you join us and good luck in your new adventure!
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us!
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    Jul 24, 2013
    Welcome! [​IMG]I'm glad you joined our BYC "flock".

    Definitely check out the Learning Center. It has lots of good information for new chicken owners. If you haven't decided what breeds you want yet, I would recommend the Wyandotte. Mine have been hardy and good layers, and have had the best temperament of all my birds.
  9. Michael OShay

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    May 14, 2014
    Welcome to BYC. Glad you decided to our flock. I would suggest Black Sex Links (Black Stars), which are hardy and friendly, egg laying machines. I've raised them for years (along with dozens of other breeds and hybrids), and they have been my best layers, consistently churning out more than 300 eggs per hen per year. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. Whatever breed or hybrid you decide to get, good luck with your flock.
  10. jtn42248

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    Welcome to BYC. You could not have landed on a better "clutch" of poultry knowledge.

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