Sooo I entered a contest for my kid.. Any chance you wanna vote?

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Hey chicken lovers! So I'm on a few chicken based pages with Facebook and decided to enter a contest for my daughter. It was a photo contest where the person with the most votes wins a prize. If she wins she gets a handbag shaped like a chicken! She has her heart set on this bag and I promised I'd do what I could to get votes. So I thought maybe you might not mind me asking.

    Here is the link all you have to do is "like" the page( it will reload to reflect the like) then just scroll down past the entry form and look for my entry.. I think it's around page 11. It's the same picture as my avatar. And my entry name is Kitty Smart.

    And the mobile link too

    Thanks for looking and voting. It ends tonight at 9 pm and we are currently in second place :(

    And if you are feeling extra specially generous maybe share the link and get your friends to vote. :D

    Edit: to start conversation... Have you entered any Facebook contests? Did you win? What are your thoughts on them all together?
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