Soooo Mad! Silkie roo got killed!


11 Years
Nov 25, 2009
I am sooo furious right now!!!!!! My main silkie breeding rooster just got killed by my spare one. I have a run attached to my coop with a little door and my spare rooster must have opened that small door open and attacked my good rooster!!!! Ughhh Here is a picture of my favorite (now dead!) rooster and you will understand why I am sooo mad!


I am pretty much 99% positive because my spare roo killed the other one. It got in my coop before and the other one just hid in a corner while he was getting attacked. This time I didnt catch them in time... I almost killed my spare roo!!!!!! I could have broke his neck quick!!!!!
I've never had a silkie roo kill another. I did sell one and the owner said he was killed by another silkie roo. This was within 2 days of his new home, so I contribute stress and heatwave we had.

Are they related? Just wonder if they were father and son you could breed the little devil and maybe hatch some blacks with a less aggressive personality. (Then sell little devil)

So sorry this happened.
Yeah they are brothers! Raised together for months... The one that died was very gentle and was pretty much a little hen. My spare roo was VERY mean to others and sometimes me! Here is a picture of the murderer!


I know yall understand how mad and sad I am right now... My family has no clue! He didnt have many flaws and was the sweetest thing! I cant get my hand on my spare rooster yet because I know I would kill him quick. Too bad I need him. Hes my last black rooster left. Ughh its always the best roosters you have that die. I didnt think that he would be so mean to kill another silkie but the one that died was huddled in the corner with his head between his legs poor thing.... I could cry thinking about it!
Oh and thanks everyone! I know you can all relate a bit! I just about want to quit breeding these silkies now that my main rooster is gone. May cull down and keep a few of the really good hens to keep as pets now.

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