sooooo is he sensitive now?

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    LoL, My Rooster is an Flarrey eye Oxford Old English Game Rooster. Until 4 days or so, when i got him his girl, a Silver Duckwing china gamefowl hen, he was a mean meannie.
    He'd go after me and even when i tried feeding him anything. Which by the way i loved it. It showed the true gameness in him. Now and since i've placed him with his girl he is a punk....LOL he wont come after me, he wont try to intimidate me, hes not showing the aggressiveness he did as he did before i got the hen a few days ago. isnt that something. So is this normal...i mean i dont want to leave him by himself and remove his girl but will this mess up him being gameish. what is really crazy is that he wont try to protect his girl when other roosters are near. Before, he would go balistic. SO the true question is has he gone sensitive?


    hes not sick whatso ever, he does feed and drinks, hes normal other wise just not himself.. as if someone just place a brand new rooster
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    I don't know, but it sounds cute. (I know, not what you were wanting to hear)

    Maybe he is just wrapped up in the new girl right now (trying to impress her) and then he'll go back to his old self. [​IMG]
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    He has his mind on ........something else!

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