Soooooo first broody..I think??

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    [​IMG] my white Silkie who is about 8 months old starting to sit on her eggs yesterday.She was making a purring like noise when I tried to reach in to see if she was really sitting in some. There are now 2 eggs there..can they go broody in the winter months and still hatch ok? Is there anything I should be doing for her? They have an insulated coop..some warm hay as the bedding. With her is my partridge roo and my little black silkie who is just starting to lay. This is my first ever broody hen and first time hatching my own. So stupid question..if she lays an egg daily should I leave them..or mark the ones in there and take any new eggs out? Should I be feeding her something special? How do I know if they eggs were fertile? After 21 days they should hatch right?
    I am sorry for all the questions.[​IMG]..just kind of excited..
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    she is broody thats one thing for sure and if she isn't come out of the coop I would bring her food and water every day but about the marking of eggs I don't know about doing that but I wouldn't take the egg. how to find out if they are fertilized is easy after 2 weeks you can take a flash light up to the egg and If there is a shape in it then it is fertileize abd if not then it isn't I hope this helps

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