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  1. likkatron

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    Sep 13, 2015
    Does anyone know of some breeders in the US, preferablly breeders in Wisconsin that breed birds based on the APA standard of perfection?
    I've heard of Greenfire Farms, since that seems to be a popular breeder, and I'm not looking for hatcheries (which breed for quanity, not quality).
    I'm enter a 4-H show for my highschool SAE (aka Final), and I need a bird that won't be disqualifed, one that will at least place decently.

    If someone could give me a list of fault/deformities that can pop up in chickens, and that will either make a chicken place lower, or disqualify them that would be amazing. Since I also have to research APA standars but I do not own the book.

    EX that I know:
    - Split Wing
    - Color Leakage
    - Crooked Toes
    - ETC.

    Since I live in a residential area I can not afforad to have 15 chicks shipped to me, and I can not breed my own show chickens, nor could I, since I would have no idea what I'm doing.

    It doesn't have to be a breeder, if someone in Wisconsin, or near the Illinois/Wisconsin border (I'm located in Lake Geneva, but I can travel pretty much anywhere in WI), and has some decent show quality birds for sale I would be happy to pay.

    If you have your own birds you'd like to sell I need picture proof, where you're located, breed, sex, and age.
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    Mar 8, 2011
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    Greenfire is not a source to buy SOP birds. They are a money making operation that imports rare breeds of chickens from other countries and sells the offspring for outrageous prices. I guess there is nothing wrong with that if people are willing to buy them but they are not a place that breeds chickens for show or to the APA/ABA standard.
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  3. likkatron

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    Sep 13, 2015
    I know that, I state it myself, that they're a hatchery that breeds for quantity, and I already saw how outrageous thier prices were.
    If you could source me a nice breeder that would be amazing.
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    Hi, [​IMG]
    Matt1616 really knows about show birds. You can take what he says to the bank. Are you seeking a particular breed or variety? Some of the top breeders will give a price break to 4Her's. I have seen it done. There is a great poultry newspaper called Poultry Press. Get a copy and look up who has what. Or just ask Matt1616, smile.
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