Sophia in the chicken coop! Pics

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    Mar 17, 2011
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    I went down and fed the chickens and the guineas their treats and locked them in the run, my usual routine when all are cooperating. At dark they are all set in their roost locations so I go down to lock up the coop. I look inside and do a head count and see all 4 of my guineas roosting in the coop. Of course I freak because Sophia has been roosting in the run with her baby, but here she was in the coop, up on the roost with the other guineas. I hunted high and low for the baby and figured somehow it got lost, although it was there at treat time just an hour before. Then I see it down in the corner cuddled up in a pile of feathers. I ran to get my camera to get a pic and lo and behold it had managed to get up on the roost with the rest of the guineas.

    These are my 4 adults, male on each end and females in the middle. Sorry about quality but it was dark already.


    My two females, Sophia on the left, Lacey on the right, and Lucky in the middle, trying to be all grown up.


    Lucky is just as big as it's hatchmates that I am brooding, even though he is getting much less starter crumble. Lucky shows a lot less fear of me then the keets in the brooders. When I am outside the adults follow me around and Lucky wanders around me and even bounces across my feet and shows absolutely no fear of me at all. My keets in the brooders scream, panic, and run like maniacs when I am trying to just feed and water them.
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    That's a great picture. Who would have thought she could have made it up there. One of my moms was great all day the first day she took hers out walking and then she just went up on the perch with the other adults at night. The babies - seven of them - were in a ball in the corner. They spent the next few weeks in the brooder. Mom was done.

    Your baby is really cute!
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    This is darling! Go, Lucky, GO! [​IMG]
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    Great pic, good for Lucky!
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    That's adorable, lol. Glad the adults accepted the little one too [​IMG] Congrats!

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