Sore Eyes in Young Chicks

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  1. I have two frizzle chicks here and they're 4 weeks old. Thet were doing fine up until three days ago. I noticed that one of them had its eye closed like he was sleeping. I wasn't to worried until yesterday when I noticed the other chick had both eyes shut. They look sore, so I've removed them from the other chicks (who are all fine) and have placed them in a separate brooder, I'm using polysporin drops. These chicks are eating and drinking but seem tired.

    I don't know what else to do.
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    Are their eyes watering and swelling shut? Have they been exposed to any chickens that have been sick?

    Sometimes chicks just get sleepy and will stand and shut their eyes. If they are not exposed to any illnesses and are eating and drinking I would take the wait and see approach.
    If they begin to act droopy, cold and huddle, and go off feed they could have coccidious. Not always do they have bloody poop at first symptoms.

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