Sores in horses mouth??

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by TMNTCkins, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. TMNTCkins

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    Our gelding has these yucky sores black in color and bad smell. Called the vet and has an appt tomorrow moring. Vet thinks is sounds like summer sores/habronemiasis. Caused by flies. Anyone ever had a horse with this???

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    are the sores inside of his mouth or tongue? If it is the inside cheek, sometimes the horse would bite down wrong and got himself a canker sore, pretty much like we do when we bite our cheeks wrong. It looks like it got infected.

    Sorry I never had a horse like that but I did once had screw worm and it was bad enough for the posts!
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    Sorry your horse is having problems. [​IMG]

    One thing that I didn't realize was that if the hay is cut too late in the season, it can have seedheads in it. Those seedheads can pierce the inside of the horse's mouth, almost like splinters. From there, it can get infected. I don't know if your horse is on hay, but that might be worth looking into.

    Hope you figure it out, soon!

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    If they are on the lips, they could be habronema, tumors, sores from eating thistles or other pointy plants, or probably other possibilities.

    If they are on the *inside* of the mouth, possbilities include sores from foxtails or thistles or such, or drainage from an infected tooth (if somewhere on or near the gums), or probably other possibilities.

    Odor is often a sign of infection of one sort or another.

    You're sure the black is part of the sore, rather than just (if these are inside a pigmented spot on the inside of the mouth that *happens* to be where the sore is located?

    Good luck, let us know what the vet says,


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    Seems like a lot of possibilities have been covered.

    How often do you get his teeth floated? - Another idea could be that he has some sharp edges that have cut into his cheek as she chews... any sign of him packing his hay/grass?

    Good luck with him - I hope all goes well
  6. TMNTCkins

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    They are round sores on the inside of his upper and lower lip. No foxtails or anything in the hay. Not from his teeth because of where the sores are. Very weird and very gross. He is eating fine and if I had not smelled his breath I would have never known anything was wrong. I have had horse for over 30 yrs and have never ever seen anything like this. I can't wait till tomorrow to see what the vet says. Only thing I know for sure is that there has got to be some infection because it smell soooo bad!
  7. TMNTCkins

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    Well back from the vet and we think (not 100%) it is something in the hay. We found small fiber like things in the sores. Summer sores don't usually show up inside the mouth like his are. So he is on SMZ, a betadine wash and go back to our old hay and see if they clear up. It still could be the summer sores so he got some steriod shots in the large sores and we need to do a good worming. Hopefully something will work and his poor mouth will clear up.

  8. patandchickens

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    That sounds a lot like what we concluded were sores from a bizarre gourmet passion for thistle plants, in my LippX some years ago. The sores were round flattish-raised plaques as I recall, with a dimple in the center of some of them. Looked a lot more like summer sores than like any sort of injury from a plant, but some had little fine near-invisible 'splinters' of thistle spine tips in them, and they went away totally when we switched him to a thistleless paddock.

    So, I am wondering if you have thistles or any other spiny-leaved plants in your pasture?

    FWIW the vet concluded that it was probably harmless, just "weird", in the case of my pony -- although if yours' sores are more infected and oozy, that may not be the case.

    (And of course I'm not saying they *are* from spiny plants, just tossing out the possibility)

    Good luck,

  9. TMNTCkins

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    Well it has to be the hay becuase my three horses are on a dry lot. No plants or pasture just dirt. So it has to be something in the hay. We found one thing that it could be but what is weird is that my sister's three horses and my parents four horses are all on the same hay and there horses are fine. I don't understand. So they are on different hay and we will see what happens. I just want them to get better.

  10. chickbea

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    Jan 18, 2007
    How weird - I'm following this thread to see how it turns out...
    Do you cut your own hay or buy?

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