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Sep 13, 2019
Hello all. Newb here! Can anyone help me, I need to know what is on her head. Obviously sores, but what is the cause? FYI...She was broody for the past two weeks and it was pretty hot here in the south. Also, her comb is curving oddly for some reason. It is normally straight. Any help is appreciated!


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Welcome to BYC. That appears to be early signs of dry fowl pox, a virus spread by mosquitoes. It lasts about 3 weeks, and there is no treatment. Most chickens recover unless they develop sores inside their beaks, airway, or esophagus (wet fowl pox.) Baby chicks are usually very sick with either type. Make sure they are eating and drinking well. Do not disturb scabs since that can spread the virus. Here is some reading:
I have seen some pics of possible fowl pox posted here before when they first have been bitten by the mosqitoes, and they have blood. Other times, some may present as light beige spots that darken to tan or brown scabs. I am not an expert though, so other opinions are welcome.
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I would tend to agree on fowl pox, not much you can do to treat it but the dry version they will get over. keep a closer eye on her. when my hens had it, I treated them to some minced garlic and some vitamins, and let their immune system do it's job, was 2.5-3 weeks before they went away
Here are some of the different pics that show pox, and it can vary in appearance:


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Thanks to everyone for the responses! The sores looked much better this morning when I let the girls out. No open and bleeding and the existing ones were smaller in size. Love BackYardChickens!

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