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    I let my hens out of their coop to day to forage a little while. I noticed one of my hens, Gladys,who is very friendly and curious wouldn't come out. I picked her up and noticed big sores on her face and around her eyes.I don't know if the other hens have been pecking at her or if this is some sort of infection. I have separated her from the flock until she gets better. Anyone know what is going on or what I can use to help her get well faster? Any advice is greatly appreciated [​IMG]
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    X2 Looks l like Fowl Pox.

    It is transmitted by mosquitoes. Most of the time it will resolve itself in a few weeks. You can apply iodine to the scabs to help dry them up, don't pick the scabs off. She has Pox close to her eyes, keep watch on that, so it doesn't cause eye infection. Vetericyn Eye Gel or Terramycin Eye ointment can be used for the eyes. Keep check to make sure it isn't spreading inside her beak as well.

    Clean out and sanitize your water containers.

    Here's more info on some treatment options as well as how to sanitize drinking water as well:
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    Thank you for both for the help! I'm going to look it up and do some research to see how I can help the symptoms and make her more comfortable. I hope I can keep the rest of my girls from catching it. Thanks again

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